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Notification from Setagaya City Oversized Garbage Reception Center
  • Setagaya residents can carry in oversized garbage directly only on Saturdays and Sundays. Since you can carry in only on Saturdays and Sundays, there may be a period between application and the carry-in date, but the handling fee is cheaper compared to having items collected. Please be aware that mornings are preferred by many carry-in applicants, so it does get crowded. You can carry in items more smoothly in the afternoon.
Application for Collection
Application for Self carry-in
Application content change or cancelation
Please make sure to read before you apply
Deadline for online reception
  • Deadline for online reception to have oversized garbage collected is at 6:59 AM, 2 days before collection day (3 days before when Sunday is included).
  • Deadline for online reception to carry in oversized garbage is at 6:59 AM on the same day of carry-in.
  • When applying online, you can apply for collection or carry-in date up to 2 months in advance.
Exemption system
Please apply by phone if you would like to apply using the exemption system.
Possible number of items for application
We accept up to 10 items by online reception.
Garbage that the city does not collect
Please check Garbage that cannot be collected by the city.
・Air conditioner, washing machine, TV, refrigerator, freezer, or clothes dryer are subject to Home Appliance Recycling Act and will not be collected as oversized garbage.
・PC is subject to Act for Promoting Effective Use of Resources and will not be collected as oversized garbage.
Items that cannot be applied for online
If the item is not in the list, please call the Oversized Garbage Reception Center (Telephone number is here).
Please refer to following page for item and handling fee that can be applied for by online reception
List of items
Taking out Oversized Garbage
・Take out by 8 AM on the same day of collection.
・Collection will start at 8 AM and will be done by around 3 PM.
Garbage taken out that is business-related cannot be collected.
Please understand that service may be suspended for reasons such as periodic maintenance and attending to malfunctions.
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